V2.1.8-Optimize Performance with Latest SMS and Email Marketing

V2.1.8-Optimize Performance with Latest SMS and Email Marketing

Boost Your Shopify Sales with Our Upgraded SMS and Email Marketing Services!

Thank you very much for your ongoing support! We are thrilled to announce that our features have once again been upgraded to help you operate your store with even more precision. Here are the latest updates in our newest version:

Email Feature Updates:

1. Streamlined Email Workflow: We have simplified the previous 3-step process into 2 steps, allowing you to experience email sending even when you temporarily have no subscribed users.

2. Enhanced Domain Verification: We have added a helpful button for domain verification and optimized the failure notification. In the first step, we now provide a comprehensive article explaining the domain verification process to ensure clarity.

3. Improved Email Editor: We have added an "Exit" button to make it more convenient for you to exit the email editor.

4. Highlighted "Direct Sending Email": We have emphasized the "Direct Sending Email" in the sender's mailbox for easier selection.

5. Test Email Modifications: Test emails will now reflect changes based on the selected sending address.

SMS Feature Updates:

1. New Channels Available: We have added Indonesia and Nigeria channels, providing you with more options to explore new markets.

2. Optimized User Segmentation: User segmentation now supports selecting multiple categories simultaneously, and we have added a keyword search box to enhance marketing efficiency.

3. Variable Added for SMS Content Editing: In SMS content editing, we have added a variable for product URLs, allowing users to quickly access the product pages.

4. Preview for Test SMS: You can now preview the test SMS you send to ensure they meet your expectations.

5. SMS Marketing Strategy Tips: We have provided practical SMS marketing strategy tips to help you conduct marketing activities more efficiently.

We hope that these new features and improvements bring greater convenience and success to your store operations. If you encounter any issues or have any feedback during the usage, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team. Thank you for your trust and support.