Boost Your Customer Retention Rates

Engage with customers across multiple channels and devices. Plexins helps you build stronger relationships with your customers — across the entire buyer journey.

Automated Product Recommendations for Better Customer Retention Rates

With our automated product recommendation technology, you can give your customers a better overall shopping experience — and drive sales growth with minimal effort and expense. Helping your customers find the products they love with increase loyalty levels and repeat purchases.

Turbocharge Your Product Launches

People are much more likely to receive marketing messages via SMS than they are via other channels — as people just can’t help opening text messages. And that makes them perfect for launching new products or announcing promotions.

Develop brand loyalty and generate additional income streams passively by creating SMS marketing campaigns that prioritize existing customers.

Boost Customer Experience

Automated order confirmation technology sends an introductory message when a customer makes a purchase. Reward your loyal customers by letting them know that their order is being processed. And communicate the next steps of the process quickly and efficiently.

Optimize Your Business Growth

Drive Business Success through Efficient List Building, Revenue Enhancement, and Customer Retention Strategies.

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