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Why Use an SMS Marketing Strategy

SMS marketing is an effective way to reach a large audience quickly and directly, making it a popular strategy for businesses looking to promote their products or services.

Email campaigns

Email Domain Verification

Email domain verification is a process that verifies the authenticity and ownership of an email domain. It is used to prevent spam and protect against fraudulent emails.

SMS campaigns

How to Add Discounts in SMS Marketing Campaigns?

Discounts can be added to SMS marketing campaigns by using personalized codes, timing the messages strategically, and offering limited-time deals. This can help increase customer engagement and drive sales.

Introduction to SMS campaign

SMS campaigns are a form of marketing that involves sending text messages to a targeted audience. They are typically used to promote products, services, or events and can be customized for specific demographics.


Overview of the Plexins App Dashboard

The Plexins App Dashboard is an overview of the features and functionalities of the app. It provides a central location for users to access and manage their account, settings, and data.

User segment


Introduction to Flow Rules

Flow rules are guidelines for designing and implementing business processes in a flow-based manner, which allow for more efficient and automated workflows.

How to Create a SMS/Email Flow?

The text discusses the steps to create a flow for sending SMS or email messages. This involves creating a template, setting up triggers and actions, testing the flow, and activating it. The process can be completed using various tools and platforms.






Plexins Service Terms

The Plexins Service Terms outline the guidelines and rules for using the Plexins service, which include respecting intellectual property rights and not using the service for illegal or harmful purposes.