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Plexins is packed with free SMS and email marketing automation tools — accessible via a user-friendly dashboard. We offer the best SMS and email rates in the industry, and we guarantee SMS delivery to users around the world!

Email price

$ 0.0008 /Email

Tip:More than 1000 free email

Global SMS Pricing

$ 0.00 /SMS (US)

Free SMS and Email Marketing Automation Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I install Plexins and are there any setup fees?

Installing plexins is entirely free of charge and will only take you a couple of minutes. You can download it from the Shopify app store easily. You can contact our excellent Support team at if you need additional information.

How is the pricing per message broken down?

A single message (SMS) contains up to 160 characters. If you exceed this number by between 1 and 153 characters, the message counter will calculate it as a second SMS, and you will be charged for 2 messages.

If you exceed 320 characters, you will be billed for 3 messages, and so on. You can also add emojis but remember they’d reduce the total character count from 160 to 70 per message. 

Which countries does the sms service currently support?

With Plexins' SMS service, customers can send SMS to over 210 countries worldwide through Shopify.

Will I be charged for failed delivery?

For the following four reasons, it will not be charged:

  1. The mechanism of undisturbed settings is triggered. It will intelligently calculate the right sending time, prevent your customers from being disturbed, and improve their goodwill toward the brand;
  2. Insufficient account balance. You need to top up the amount to continue sending;
  3. The country or region of this phone number is not supported by Plexins at the moment; you can contact us to add an SMS service for this country or region.
  4. The software's server responds slowly.

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