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SMS Marketing

How is the pricing per message broken down?

A single message (SMS) contains up to 160 characters. If you exceed this number by anywhere between 1 and 153 characters, the message counter will calculate it as a second SMS and you will be charged for 2 messages. In case you go above 320 characters, you will be billed for 3 messages and so on. You can also add emojis, but keep in mind they’d reduce the total character count from 160 to 70 per message.

Are you going to show my real phone number?

Absolutely not. We are using your phone number just to verify your registration or to contact you for urgent matters. It will not be shown to any of your customers.

How many countries does SMS service cover?

You can send SMS to over 210 countries worldwide by Plexins. On the Price page, you can view specific coverage country information.

How to create an SMS campaign?

Creating an SMS marketing campaign is simply effortless. 1.First, open the Automatic marketing in the left menu bar of Plexins, select the SMS campaigns, and click Create new. You're now looking at a blank form. Give your campaign a name so you can easily view it in the future. 2.Then, select the campaign types and which list you'd like to send your text message to. 3.After that, all you need to do is type up your message and either send it or schedule it for a future date.

Can emoji be use?

Sure! Plexins supports emojis! It is essential to note the deductions for emojis. Your message length will be reduced from 160 characters to 70 when the first emoji is added, and each emoji added will take up two characters of the total message length.

Can I enter messages in another language?

Of course, you can! There is no language limit for SMS content. You can choose the language you want to edit SMS content.

Can I reply to subscribers' messages?

Currently, Plexins does not support this feature. However, we are developing the functionality for two-way messaging, which will allow you to reply to subscribers' messages and enhance your operational efficiency.

Can I preview the final effect of a discount code?

To preview the final effect of a discount code, you can send yourself the discount code via email or SMS, and then use that discount code when placing an order in your store. By doing so, you will be able to see the actual impact of the discount code. Please note that Plexins currently does not support previewing the effect of discount codes within the application itself.

How to make sure my text message campaign is compliant?

Plexins are built for compliance. However, we strongly suggest that merchants become familiar with all the legal requirements and go through our guides about TCPA & CTIA. In addditon,Undisturbed setting is enable automatically as soon as install plexins that is designed to prevent accidental spamming,Strength Meter will remind you to add the obligatory “Text STOP to opt out” ending to all your text messages.

How often should I send text messages to my subscribers?

If you actively use automations , it is best to initiate 1 additional text marketing campaign per month -with a special discount/sale or around major retail events such as Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. If you solely send one-off campaigns, it is OK to initiate 2 per month. Remember not to spam your subscribers every other day, but to launch a campaign only if you have something meaningful to say or offer them, such as an important update or a special, time-limited offer.

Why did the message send failed?

There are five reasons for message send failed as below. ● Undisturbed settings and intelligent sending are enabled,and the time range is conflicting with the message send time. ● The balance is running out . ● Received phone number is not in the country of service of plexins. ● Received phone number is not within compliance. If you cannot find any one of the above four reasons ,Maybe the system is in trouble or send fulfillment is failed by the carriers, the You can reach out to our wonderful Support team at

Will be charged when fail to send message?

It will not be charged at the five reasons for message send failed as below. ● Undisturbed settings and intelligent sending are enabled,and the time range is conflicting with the message send time. ● The balance is running out . ● Received phone number is not in the country of service of plexins. ● Received phone number is not within compliance. ● The system is in trouble. And it will be charged when message have been submit to carriers whether is successful or not . cause carriers have start the send fulfillment as soon as the message submit . If you cannot find any one of the above five reasons ,You can reach out to our wonderful Support team at

Do I need to be in the same location as my customers in order to be able to send them text messages using Plexins?

No, we will be able to deliver your text messages regardless of where your business is based.

What is Smart Sending and how does it work?

With Smart Sending, you can set a specified time frame that will prevent your Shopify store from sending messages too soon one after the other.

Can I send both SMS and MMS?

Currently we only provide SMS service,if you need MMS support, Feel free to contact our our Support team at

How many messages can we send in a day?

There is no limit so long as each campaign and automation are individually within compliance. That said, sending a large volume of messages that receive low engagement and high opt-out rates can flag an account. Carriers look at these data points along with increased sending frequency to determine if a shop might be sending unwanted, spam, or abusive messages. We recommend you increase your sending frequency over the course of a few weeks. Taking advantage of subscriber segmentation can also help you send campaigns to specific groups of subscribers, allowing you to personalize the message or engagement strategies for better conversion and click-through rates. And in roder to avoid flagged a accout, we also provide SMS anti-disturbing mechanism and SMS intelligent sending mechanism. Undisturbed settings will be enabled by default when plexins are registered for the first time. Automation events have a trigger frequency limit to ensure your operation compliance.

Why don't message preview and test message show correct short code?

Plexins message shortcode are dynamic,In order to preview the message , some shortcode of the message preview is simulated. And Since test messages aren't tied to a customer, test message will be sent with message preview. When message is sent to customer ,shortcode will be populate based on information unique to the customer.

Can I have a dedicated personal number?

Yes, if you are serious about text marketing and would like to have your own unique business code we can take care of this. Please mind that the whole process takes 6-8 weeks as we need to get approval from carriers.need any further helps,You can reach out to our wonderful Support team at

Email Marketing

What's the best frequency of email campaigns?

1-2 advertisements per month are the most appropriate. If it is a promotion or a specific festival event, it can be pushed once a month. If you only send a one-time campaign, you can launch it two times a month. Too frequent marketing activities will arouse the disgust of subscribers, and subscribers will likely unsubscribe or even be blacklisted.

How to create a good email campaign in Plexins?

Creating email campaigns is easy and fun in Plexins. You only need to find Email Campaign in the left menu bar, click New Campaign, and then you will enter the three-step editing process. 1.Fill in a name for your event and select the objects you want to send emails to. Then choose whether to enable Smart Send. 2.Enter the subject line of your email, the name of the sender you want customers to see, your email address, and the email address that accepts email responses. The subject line you enter must affect whether your email is classified as spam. Please attention. 3.Set Timing sending. You can choose to send it now or schedule it for later.

How many emails can be sent at one time?

Plexins has no limit on the number of Emails you can send. Even if you have many subscribers, you can send mass emails smoothly and complete your email marketing campaign in one go.

How to use email marketing to increase orders?

You can use Emails to promote new products, birthday greetings, holiday event announcements, etc., to your customers. Plexins have prepared a variety of templates for you to choose from to meet your different marketing needs.

How can I avoid emails ending up in the spam?

We recommend performing DNS verification. Once the verification is successful, you can use a subdomain email with your own brand name for direct email delivery. This approach not only significantly reduces the chances of emails being marked as spam but also enhances the credibility of your store by using a branded email address for sending emails.

Can I customize the font of the text in SMS or email messages?

To comply with text message sending standards, we currently do not support font customization for text messages. However, you can customize the font in your email templates to create email content that aligns with your store's style and branding.

What is the difference between the campaign name and the subject line?

The campaign name is the name you set for the marketing campaign, and it is not displayed to the recipients of the campaign. It is solely for your convenience in distinguishing between the various marketing campaigns you have created. On the other hand, the subject line is displayed to the recipients. It is meant to provide a brief summary of your email content and purpose, helping recipients quickly understand what the email is about when they open their inbox. A compelling subject line can attract attention, significantly increase the email open rate, and to some extent, prevent the email from being marked as spam.


Will I be charged extra when clients respond to keyword campaigns?

No. When a customer sends a text message to your keyword task, the service provider will charge the customer, which is part of the customer's responsibility.

How to use these three Keyword types?

1.Keyword: This is the most basic type of keyword function. You can design keywords in line with your brand characteristics to deepen the user's impression of the brand. Users send specific keywords to a dedicated phone number via SMS to become subscribers. 2.Opt-in link: A social link type is a powerful tool for brands active on various social platforms. Suppose you want to convert social account followers into SMS subscribers. In that case, you only need to post social links on different social media platforms, and followers only need to click on the link on the screen to become a member of the subscription list. 3.QR Generator: In today's innovative age, QR codes have become ubiquitous daily. It is the most applicable and can be placed anywhere: in commercials of TV programs, on shop windows, and in brochures, so that even people who have never been in contact with the brand before also can scan the code to subscribe. It can even be attached to product packaging to convert existing customers into SMS subscribers.

Could the keywords be multiple words?

A keyword is a word or phrase people text into a short code number to join your list. You can reserve Textwords that are single words or multiple words. Single words are easier to use for your subscribers. Try to keep it short and straightforward. Example 1: "Sign Me Up" is considered 1 Keyword even though it is multiple words. Example 2: "SignMeUp" is considered 1 Keyword, but it's a single word.

How to create a Keyword?

Find Keyword in the Collect Subscribers on the left menu bar and select the keywords you want: Keyword, Opt-in link, or QR Generator. Then enter the edit page, and fill in the task name and the Keyword you want the user to reply to. Then you can generate your own keywords! Enter the SMS content of the automatic reply after the user successfully subscribes.

Can I print and use the QR codes generated from keywords for physical promotional purposes?

It's great that you thought of this! The QR codes generated from the keyword feature can indeed be printed and placed in various locations where you want to collect subscribers, such as product packaging in your store or shop windows. This helps convert your store traffic into owned audience traffic, continuously expanding your subscriber list.


What information can I get from customers by using Pop-up?

You can use pop-up windows to collect subscriber information. Currently, the pop-up function of Plexins only supports collecting subscribers' phone numbers and email addresses.

If the customer closes the pop-up without filling, can it show again?

The pop-up will not pop up automatically for the second time. However, after the customer closes the pop-up without filling in the information, it will shrink into a floating window and hang on the page. The customer can click the floating button to reopen the pop-up to fill in the information.

What types of pop-ups does Plexins offer?

At present, Plexins only provides benefit distribution pop-ups for information collection. Still, we will continue to update the types of pop-ups in the future to meet your further needs. Please stay tuned.

How to create pop-up?

The use of pop-ups is also straightforward. You only need to find the Pop-up in the Collect Subscribers on the left menu bar, and you will enter the pop-up usage page. Then select the template you want from the pop-up templates provided by Plexins, click Edit to customize the design, and finally, click Publish. The creation and use of such a pop-up are complete!

Can pop-ups be used only for collecting subscribers?

Pop-up activities have many uses. Not only can you use pop-ups to collect subscribers, but you can also utilize them for product recommendations, product upsells, and more. Plexins has added product URLs and page URLs to the pop-up feature, allowing you to trigger pop-ups when users enter specific pages. You can include buttons with product URLs in the pop-up, along with personalized images and compelling call-to-action messages, to create a pop-up with a unique experience.


Is there any delay during the Flow?

Because data processing takes time, there will be a few seconds delay after the trigger is triggered, and the following action will be generated. This is normal.

Intro: Flow's trigger and filter types

Plexins has 6 Flow triggers and 3 filter types. The six triggers are New Customer, Checkout, Order Paid, Order Cancel, Order Fulfilled, and order Refunded. The filter types are customer filters, action, and time. You could choose according to the type of Flow you want to design. Overlaying multiple triggers and filters can make your automated marketing process more complete and specific and achieve refined operations. Also, Plexins has designed ten Flow templates in advance according to your basic needs, and you can choose a template that meets your business strategy for use or reference.

What other features can Flow be used with?

The automation flow combines user segmentation, SMS marketing, and email marketing into one integrated system. Within the "Add Action" filters, you will find action options corresponding to these three functionalities. Based on your store's needs, you can customize an automation flow that incorporates these three functionalities to create a tailored solution for your store. This will help streamline your processes and free up your mind and hands for other important tasks.

How to create a Flow?

Plexins simplifies the creation of Flow, and the flow design can be completed in minutes! First, select the trigger type and fill in the filter conditions. Then add a filter according to your needs, and set the relevant trigger nodes of the automation process in the filter. That's it; a Flow is successfully created!

Why didn't the abandoned cart flow trigger any activities after I abandoned my purchase?

If you have activated the abandoned cart flow but no activities were triggered when a user abandoned their purchase, there could be several reasons to consider: a. The user might not be included in the user list selected for the workflow. b. The product(s) that the user abandoned might not match the specific product target specified in the workflow. c. The time at which the user abandoned the purchase may not have reached the trigger time set in the workflow. Please note that the above is only one of the possible reasons, you may need to further check your setup and configuration to determine the specific cause.

Can I schedule marketing campaigns for a future date?

Whether it's SMS marketing or email marketing, you can indeed schedule your campaigns for a specific time in the future. When creating a campaign, you can choose the desired date and time for sending. The marketing campaign will then be sent via SMS or email at the scheduled time you have selected.

How can I create discounts in automation?

Creating discounts in automation is actually quite simple, and it follows the same process as creating discounts in SMS or email marketing campaigns. Regardless of the trigger you choose or the marketing method you select, you just need to set the discount variable in your chosen marketing template to your desired value, and it will be generated accordingly.

Can I run both SMS and email campaigns within a single automation?

Absolutely. The automation workflow offers great flexibility, allowing you to combine trigger actions and filter conditions as desired. You can use SMS and email marketing simultaneously within the same automation to test and determine which approach is more effective for your target audience. This can be seen as a simple A/B test to evaluate the effectiveness of each channel.

Can I test it on my client before triggering the flow?

You can add user segment filters to restrict the flow to only trigger for contacts belonging to the testing segment.


How can I install Plexins and are there any setup fees?

Installing plexins is completely free of charge and will only take you a couple of minutes. You can download in shopify app store easily.

Why am I seeing a recharge failure? What is the general process for recharging on Plexins?

If you encounter a recharge failure, it might be because you didn't click "Approve" on Shopify. Our billing process is conducted through the Shopify platform. After clicking on the recharge option in Plexins, you will be redirected to the Shopify backend. On the right side of the page, you need to locate the "Approve" button and click on it to successfully complete the recharge.

Can I participate in your affiliate marketing program?

We are about to launch the program. Whether you are a social media influencer, a digital marketing agency owner, or a skilled freelancer, you will be able to earn commissions from the stores you refer to Plexins through a simple affiliate link. If you are interested in participating, please stay tuned to our official website. Once the program is live, we welcome you to reach out to us immediately.

How do you charge for your services?

All features of Plexins are free to use. However, we do charge for the sending of SMS and email messages due to carrier fees. Our pricing for these services is the lowest globally. We aim to assist independent store owners in improving their operational capabilities while also helping them reduce operating costs and increase store ROI. You can click here to view our detailed pricing list.

Why is the number of SMS clicks greater than the number of sends in the dashboard's line graph?

In the dashboard's line graph, you may notice that the number of SMS clicks on a certain day is greater than the number of sends. Please don't be surprised, as this is a normal data statistic. For example, if you didn't send any SMS today, but users clicked on SMS messages that were previously sent, the dashboard for today will show a higher number of SMS clicks than the number of sends.

What do the different activity statuses represent?

There are six different statuses for marketing activities: Under Review, Rejected, Pending, Sending, Completed, and Expired. Under Review: When you submit an SMS or email marketing activity, the marketing content undergoes a review process by our technical team. During this process, the activity status will be shown as "Under Review." Rejected: If your marketing content violates relevant regulations or terms, it will be deemed "Rejected" by our technical team. In this case, you will need to modify your marketing content and resubmit it for review. To be sent: Once your marketing content has passed the review, Plexins will queue it for sending, and the activity status will be displayed as "To be sent." Running: After the activity is submitted for sending to the carriers, the status will change to "Running." Due to time zone differences in different regions, it is not possible for all messages in an activity to be sent simultaneously, so this status will persist for a certain period of time.

I have created multiple user segments. How can I quickly find my target audience?

When you have created multiple user segments and want to quickly find and view details of your target segment, you can navigate to the User Segments feature page. Below “Category List”, you will see a search box. Simply enter the keywords related to your target segment, and the system will help you quickly find the relevant user segment.

What is an unsubscribe page and how do I set it up?

An unsubscribe page is the page displayed to a customer after they click on the "unsubscribe" link in an email or SMS message. You can customize the wording of the unsubscribe instructions, edit the placement and design of the link, or add an unsubscribe button. When the link is clicked, your customer will be redirected to the unsubscribe page where they will be asked to confirm if they wish to unsubscribe. Once confirmed, their subscription status will be updated to "unsubscribed" in your audience.

Do I have to recharge my account when the insufficient balance popup appears in order to send?

When the insufficient balance popup appears, it is a reminder from the system based on your account balance. It is not mandatory to recharge immediately in order to send, but having insufficient balance can impact your marketing activities. For example, if you have created an automated marketing campaign and your balance is depleted without timely recharge, the automated campaign will be forced to terminate.

How do I set up a privacy policy?

Click here to access a detailed tutorial that will guide you on how to set up the privacy policy for your Shopify store. It is crucial that you set it up as soon as you install Plexins, as it is essential for your marketing activities.

Are there any custom plans for brands with high volume of orders?

We have flexible plans designed especially for your needs. Feel free to contact our Email to help you choose the best solution.

Will Plexins work with my e-commerce platform?

Plexins is available for Shopify, Additional platforms are coming soon.

My Shopify store doesn't have any subscribed users. Can I import user data?

Certainly! When you want to import your list of subscribed users for marketing activities, you can go to the "Subscribs" page. In the top-right corner, you will find an "Data Import" button. Click on it to access detailed instructions and templates for user data import, guiding you through the process of importing users.

How can I see where my contacts are coming from?

In the Subscribed Users list, you can view detailed information for each subscribed user, including contact details, name, subscription source, subscription status, and subscription time, among other details. The subscription source will indicate the channel from which your subscribed users originated.