Build your lists at scale

Building an extensive subscriber list is essential to the success of your text and email marketing campaigns. Plexins gives you the tools needed to build subscriber lists quickly and cost-effectively.

Build a Subscriber List of Your Own

The rules on data and privacy are changing all the time. Whether it’s via paid advertising or social media, your marketing strategies need to play by the rules. That’s why owning your own marketing channels is crucial. Plexins can help you compile an SMS subscriber list that’s wholly yours — even if you leave us. By leveraging the power of subscriber lists through our automated marketing platform, you’ll possess an asset that’s vital to the future of your brand.

Turn Browsers into Buyers

Capture phone numbers via fully branded and customized pop-ups on desktop and mobile devices. Add a keyword or toll-free number to your shortcode to persuade people to opt-in. Plexins allows you to create landing pages with SMS opt-in link that can be shared across your channels — from Instagram stories to email newsletters.

Personalize Your Customer Journey

Create unlimited SMS messages with opt-in keywords to give your target consumers several chances to join. With the use of keywords, Plexins allows you to track opt-ins and monitor revenues from all your channels and campaigns.

Create Targeted Campaigns with User Segmentation

Refine your subscriber lists with our smart user segmentation feature, and target the audiences most likely to respond to your latest offers and products. Plexins has already delivered more than 10,000 user segmentation solutions to clients around the world. Our advanced technology is maximizing ROI by facilitating targeted marketing campaigns.