Maximize the Power of Your Subscriber List

Engage with your customers on their favorite channels and devices — and turn them into dedicated subscribers. Our easy-to-use and fully customizable tools are just a few clicks away!

Catch consumers before they leave your Shopify store and turn to your competitors for help. Set your personalized pop-ups to trigger just before someone is about to hit the “close” or “back” button. A relatively modest 10% discount might be enough to change an undecided mind.
Plexins allows you to create unlimited SMS-to-join keywords to share across all your marketing channels. You can also track the options and revenue generated from your marketing campaigns with keywords.
Opt-in Links
Give your customers the chance to opt-in to subscription lists with the simple click of a link. Using links generated by Plexins, you can generate leads and subscribers across all your marketing channels — including social media, emails, SMS marketing messages, and anywhere you decide to place one of our clickable links.
QR Codes
Allow your customers to opt-in with the use of unique QR codes. Place your automatically generated codes on banners, leaflets, flyers, posters, and anywhere you see an opportunity to grow your subscriber list. Your customers will be able to opt-in simply by scanning the QR code and following the instructions.

User Segmentation That Delivers

Customize your marketing campaigns and reach the right audience with the help of data-rich user segmentation from Plexins. Send compelling messages about new products and special offers based on metrics such as shopping preferences, consumer behaviors, and key demographic information. Plexins has delivered more than 10,000 user segmentation solutions to help clients create fully targeted marketing campaigns for maximum return on investment.

• Boost engagement levels • Drive conversion rates • Maximise your return on investment

Personalized SMS Marketing Campaigns

Create campaigns that engage your target audience with compelling information, discounts, and special offers. With our advanced user segmentation technology, creating personalized marketing initiatives with our ready-made SMS templates is quick and easy. By customizing your marketing messages in a way that resonates with your target audience, you can maximize conversions and launch new products and initiatives in minutes.

Increase conversion rates with ease by sending targeted messages to customers who abandon their carts. Engage customers with personalized messages that include discounts, promotions, and other inducements. Achieve impressive results with just a few clicks via the Plexins easy-to-use interface.

Email Marketing for Everyone

With Plexins at your disposal, you’ll never have to worry about coding or editing email content again. A wide variety of marketing tools give you the opportunity to grow your customer base quickly and with the minimum of effort.

• Design and implement targeted marketing initiatives simply, quickly, and effectively. • Create personalized email marketing campaigns in minutes to grow brand awareness and connect with your audience. • Boost open and clickthrough rates and turn more of your browsers into buyers with special offers and useful information.

Streamlined Shopping Experiences

Create a better flow to your shopping experience with the help of Plexins. Turn abandoned shopping carts into exciting sales opportunities by sending personalized SMS and email messages.