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Effective Date: Jan 13, 2023

Shenzhen Sihailan User Agreement

Version 1.0, effective March 01, 2022 


  1.  “Shenzhen Sihailan ” or “we、Plexins” refers to Shenzhen Sihailan  Information and Technology Co., Ltd.
  2.  “This website” means
  3.  “Agreement” or “this Agreement” refers to the Shenzhen Sihailan  Telecom user agreement you are reading.
  4.  “Shenzhen Sihailan  account” or “account” refers to the user’s The website creates an account with unique user name and password, and Shenzhen Sihailan  provides relevant services accordingly.
  5.  “User” refers to the individual who accepts this Agreement and has the right to use Shenzhen Sihailan  account service. The user is a natural person, company, partnership or other entity.

Shenzhen Sihailan Telecom(website
The operator Shenzhen Sihailan Information and Technology Co.,Ltd. provides services in accordance with the provisions of Shenzhen Sihailan Telecom user agreement. This agreement has the effect of contract. Before registration, please read this Agreement carefully, review and accept it or not. If the user has registered as a user of this website, it means that the user has fully read, understood and agreed to enter into this agreement with this website, and the user is willing to be bound by the terms of this agreement, especially the terms marked in bold and / or bold and / or underlined and / or italicized. According to the changes of national laws and regulations and the needs of website operation, the website has the right to modify this agreement from time to time, and the modified content will be notified to users by system announcement and / or SMS and / or email. Users are obliged to pay attention to, read and confirm the latest agreement and website announcement from time to time. If the user does not agree to the updated agreement, he / she may and shall immediately stop accepting the services provided by this website according to this Agreement; if the user continues to use the services provided by this website, he / she shall be deemed to agree to the updated agreement. The content of this agreement includes the body of the agreement and all kinds of rules published on this website. All rules shall be an integral part of this Agreement and shall have the same legal effect as the text of this agreement. Once the user continues to use this website, it means that the user has accepted and voluntarily abided by the revised terms.

Article 1 Service overview
  1. This website provides users with the products and services displayed on this website (“this service”), and will constantly update the service content. The latest service and service rules are subject to the page display of relevant products and services on this website and the actual provision to users.
  2. The user, i.e. the user of this website, is a natural person, legal person or other organization that conforms to the price adjustment agreed in this Agreement and is legally registered on this website according to the agreement and is allowed to reasonably use the services of this website.
Article 2 users and accounts

(1) User qualification
The user shall have full capacity for civil rights and conduct, and provide registration information to the website in good faith. The user agrees that the registration information provided by the user is true, accurate, complete, legal and effective. If the user’s registration information changes, the user shall update the registration information in time. If the registration information provided by the user is illegal, untrue, inaccurate and not detailed, the user shall bear the corresponding responsibilities and consequences. Once found, the website has the right to immediately terminate the service to the user, and investigate all the legal responsibilities of using the website services.

(2) Accounts
2.2.1 after the user fills in the information, reads and agrees to the terms of service and completes all the registration procedures according to the prompts on the registration page, or when the user actually uses the services of the website in other ways permitted by the website, the user will be bound by the terms of service. Users can use the mobile phone number provided or confirmed by users or other ways allowed by the website as login means to enter the website. The user understands and agrees that after the user completes the registration procedure in this website and successfully registers, the user will obtain the account of this website.
2.2.2 when registering and using the user account name, the user shall not have the following situations:

  1. Violating the provisions of the constitution or laws and regulations;;
  2. Endangering national security, divulging state secrets, subverting state power and undermining national unity;;
  3. Damaging national honor and interests or public interests;
  4. Inciting national hatred or discrimination and undermining national unity;
  5. Sabotaging the state’s religious policies and propagating heresy and feudal superstition;
  6. Spreading rumors, disrupting social order or undermining social stability;
  7. Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetting a crime;
  8. Insulting or slandering others and infringing upon their legitimate rights and interests;
  9. Containing other contents prohibited by laws or administrative regulations.

The user understands and agrees that if the user fraudulently obtains the registration of account name with false information, or there is illegal and bad information in the registration information such as the head picture and profile of the account, or the legitimate rights and interests of others are infringed, the website has the right to take such measures as notice, correction within a time limit, suspension of use, cancellation of registration, and report to the competent department of Internet information content.

2.2.3 the user understands and agrees that in order to ensure the account security and use compliance, the website has the right to require the user to provide more identity information and information on the basis of real name authentication for further identity authentication or qualification verification. Only after the user’s account has passed these authentication and verification, can it obtain more permission to use the service. The user’s account on this website is the only identification basis for the user to carry out all activities on this website. Each account can carry out activities independently on this website, and its rights and obligations are borne by the user.

2.2.4 the user shall ensure the security of the account and password by himself. At any time, the user shall log in, use and leave according to the correct steps in a secure environment. And shall be responsible for all actions under the account (including but not limited to the purchase of services, release of information, etc.). This website has the right to temporarily or permanently limit all the functions of all the products and / or services used under the account when it has reasonable reasons to judge that the user’s account behavior is abnormal. If the user finds that someone uses the user’s account without authorization, he / she shall immediately and effectively inform this website. Due to the user’s own reasons, such as password leakage, resulting in the loss of account funds, this website does not bear any responsibility.

2.2.5 the user understands and agrees that the website has the right to inquire, freeze or deduct the user’s registration information and the funds, transactions and accounts on the website in accordance with the requirements of state organs (including but not limited to public security organs, procuratorial organs, courts, etc.).

(3) Service fee

2.3.1 unit price of service the service will be charged according to different types of services, and the specific fee standard is subject to the website page display. the service has the right to change the fee standard at any time according to the business needs, and take effect after notifying the user according to the way agreed in this agreement. If the user does not agree with the changed fee standard, it can stop using after the original recharge service fee is used; if the user has no objection or continues to recharge, it will be deemed that he agrees with and accepts the changed fee standard. any free trial or free functions and services of the service shall not be deemed as a waiver of the right of subsequent charges. The service has the right to inform the user of the new charging standard in accordance with the way agreed in this agreement. If the user continues to use the service, he / she shall pay according to the charging standard published on this website.

2.3.2 billing services the website provides users with bills for using the service, and issues invoices according to the bills.

2.3.3 payment method the service fee under this Agreement shall be paid by prepaid method, and the user shall deposit the usage fee to the user’s communication account of this service through bank transfer, etc., and the service shall be based on the user’s choice The service charges and deducts fees in real time according to the actual usage. The service will give a fee warning according to the user’s pre deposit account balance. In order to avoid the suspension or interruption of SDK and API calls, the user needs to supplement the pre deposit fees in time, otherwise all risks and responsibilities caused by insufficient account balance shall be borne by the user. users can obtain coupons from the platform by participating in activities and other means. During the validity period of coupons, the expenses incurred by users using the communication ability will be deducted from the coupons account in priority, and will be voided if they are not used within the time limit. for matters not mentioned above, please refer to the service content and quotation description of each communication capability on this website.

Article 3 rights and obligations of users

3.1 the user has the right to participate in the relevant activities of the website and enjoy other relevant information and services provided by the website in accordance with this Agreement and the relevant rules of the website.

3.2 when users browse, purchase services and other activities on this website, the website will strictly keep confidential if they involve the user’s real name / name, correspondence address, contact number, e-mail and other private information.

3.3 after the successful registration of users, the user name and password and other account information will be generated. Users can change their passwords according to the regulations of this website. Users should save and use their user name and password carefully and reasonably. If you find any illegal use of user account or security loopholes, please inform this website immediately and report to the public security organ.

3.4 the user agrees that the website has the right to send order information, promotion activities and other information to the website through e-mail, SMS, telephone, system announcement and other forms.

3.5 the user shall not lend the account registered in this website to others, otherwise the user shall bear all the responsibilities arising therefrom, and bear joint and several liabilities with the actual user.

3.6 the user agrees that the website has the right to extract the user’s registration information and account information in the background for information verification and evidence preservation, including but not limited to notarization and witness.

Article 4 User’s information security commitment

The user understands that this agreement is formulated in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations. The user agrees to strictly abide by the following information security commitments after obtaining this service:

4.1 abide by relevant national laws, administrative regulations and management rules, and strictly implement information security management regulations. The business or application using this service shall ensure that it complies with the relevant provisions of the relevant national and local laws, regulations and management rules, and has the legal relevant business operation qualification certificate and license (if required by the national competent department). It is not allowed to engage in illegal activities and infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of the third party, otherwise its responsibility shall be borne by the user. If the user’s behavior violates the relevant laws and regulations and management rules and regulations and causes losses to the website party, the website party has the right to ask the user for damages. Including but not limited to the compensation or compensation for users or other third parties, liquidated damages, fines of competent authorities, legal costs, attorney fees, notarization fees, travel expenses and other expenses.

4.2 do not use communication networks (including but not limited to voice, GPRS, cmnet, SMS gateway, MMS Gateway, SMS information platform, etc.) to engage in criminal activities such as endangering national security and divulging state secrets.

4.3 do not use communication networks (including but not limited to voice, GPRS, cmnet, SMS gateway, MMS Gateway, SMS information platform, etc.) to produce, consult, copy and disseminate information that violates the Constitution and laws, hinders social security, undermines national unity, undermines national unity, pornography, violence, etc.

4.4 ensure the authenticity, accuracy and legality of the information sent;do not use mobile phones as media to disseminate illegal, unhealthy, reactionary and other information, and do not release any information containing one of the following contents:

  1. Those who oppose the basic principles set forth in the constitution, endanger national security, leak state secrets, subvert state power and undermine national unity, damage national honor and interests, incite national hatred, and undermine national unity Ethnic discrimination undermines national unity; undermines the state’s religious policy, promotes heresy and feudal superstition; spreads rumors, disturbs social order and undermines social stability; spreads obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or instigates crime; insults or slanders others and infringes upon their legitimate rights and interests.
  2. “Nine prohibitions”: the nine prohibitions defined in the notice of the Ministry of information industry on the work plan of the special action to crack down on Internet obscenity and pornography according to law (XBD [2007] No. 231) Standards:
    ① political news information; ② information that endangers national security and social stability; ③ information that divulges State secrets; ④ information that conflicts with current national policies, laws and regulations; ⑤ Information related to pornography and obscenity; information related to feudal superstition; information related to gambling; information related to false or invalid content; information harmful to social morality and infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of others.
  3. “Five categories”: the five categories of information strictly prohibited by the Ministry of Public Security (GTZ [2005] No. 77): ① information of fraud or extortion of public and private property in the name of counterfeit bank or UnionPay; ② Spreading obscene, pornographic, gambling, violence, homicide, terrorist content, or instigating crime or imparting criminal methods; 3. Illegally selling guns, ammunition, explosives, smuggling cars, drugs Information on ecstasy, obscene articles, fake banknotes, fake invoices or stolen goods knowingly obtained from crime; 4. Information on false winning prizes, false matchmaking, false recruitment, or luring or introducing others to engage in prostitution; 5. Information that interferes with other people’s normal life and contains other contents that violate the prohibitive provisions of the constitution, laws and administrative regulations.
  4. Containing other contents prohibited by laws or administrative regulations.

4.5 indicate the legal and compliant name (signature) in each SMS, and do not use false signature; the purpose of SMS business products is limited to internal staff management of enterprises, or release information related to their business to customers who meet the requirements of the specification. The service shall not be used for business or other purposes other than those agreed in this agreement, and shall not be provided to a third party for use by way of resale, sublease, borrowing, distribution or embedding; the service shall not be used for the publicity and promotion of personal business products.

4.6 when sending commercial information to the customer, the user must obtain the prior consent of the customer, and provide information service to the user according to the quality, quantity and time as agreed; without the consent or request of the customer, the user shall not send commercial information to the customer, and if the customer explicitly refuses to receive the short message after the consent, the sending shall be stopped immediately.

4.7 users need to establish a strict customer complaint management mechanism. In case of exceeding the complaint standard specified by the operator, the website has the right to suspend or shut down the service according to the operator’s customer complaint management regulations.

Users should pay attention to and abide by all kinds of legal rules and regulations published or modified by this website from time to time.

This website reserves the right to delete all kinds of information that does not comply with laws and policies or is untrue without notice to users.

If the user does not comply with the above provisions, the website has the right to make independent judgment and take measures such as suspending or closing the user account. Users should bear the legal responsibility for their comments and behaviors on the Internet.

Article 5 Account recharge

5.1 when users recharge, please carefully confirm the name, price, quantity and other information of the purchased goods / services. The user shall be responsible for the consequences of filling in the wrong information.

5.2 if the user recharges successfully, the two parties have established a trading relationship. The quantity of goods / services provided by this website will be displayed in real time and deducted along with the recharge amount due to actual use. Users can log in the account registered in this website at any time to query the balance and usage of users.

5.3 after the completion of the transaction, if the user asks for the invoice, the website can only issue the invoice according to the actual transaction. If the user provides false or wrong information, the website will bear all the legal liabilities and consequences for the error or false invoice.

Article 6 rights and obligations of the website

6.1 the website has the right to directly deduct relevant service fees from the user’s account balance according to the terms of service and the user’s service usage. This website provides users with qualified network technology and information services according to the service selected by users and the payment.

6.2 the website is obliged to make efforts to ensure the normal operation of the whole website on the basis of the existing technical level, try its best to avoid service interruption or limit the interruption time to the shortest time, so as to ensure the smooth progress of user activities.

6.3 the website has the right to review the user’s registration information. For any problem or suspected registration information, the website has the right to issue a notice to ask the user and ask the user to explain and correct.

6.4 due to the particularity of the online platform, this website does not undertake the obligation to review all users’ activities and other matters related to the activities in advance. However, in case of the following circumstances:, The website has the right to restrict the user’s activities, verify relevant information, issue warning notice, suspend temporarily, suspend indefinitely and refuse to provide services to the user without the consent of the user

A. After the user authenticates in the name of a non natural person, the authentication subject cancels itself or is revoked or revoked by the authority.

B. The user violates the relevant rules of this agreement or is included in this agreement due to being mentioned.

C. Other users or third parties inform this website that a certain user or specific activity or behavior is illegal or improper, and provide relevant evidence. However, this website cannot contact this user for certification or verification Any information provided by the user to this website or judging the relevant contents according to the standard of knowledge level of ordinary non professionals can obviously think that these contents or behaviors may cause financial losses or bear legal liabilities to the other party or this website.

6.5 according to the national laws, regulations, administrative rules and regulations, the contents of this Agreement and the factual basis of this website, it can be determined that the user has illegal or violation of this agreement, and that the user has the right to use this website The website has the right to publish the illegal behavior of the user on the website without the consent of the user, and has the right to stop all activities and related information of the user, terminate the service provision and seal at any time.

6.6 the website can freeze the funds in the account of the website according to the agreement and relevant rules. After the account funds are frozen, the users will be informed to appeal according to the corresponding procedures by email, in station letter, SMS or telephone. If the user appeals according to the requirements and passes the review of the website, the website will immediately lift the fund freezing measures; if the user does not appeal within the specified time, or the user’s appeal fails to pass the review of the website, the user confirms that the website has the right to freeze the fund for a long time.

6.7 the website has the right to delete or take other restrictive measures to deal with the following information without notifying users: including but not limited to the purpose of evading expenses; malicious or false content such as fraud; other factors that attempt to disturb the normal order of activities; violation of public interest or may seriously damage the legitimate interests of the website and other users.

Article 7 interruption and termination of services

7.1 the website may terminate the service to the user in accordance with this Agreement (including but not limited to the website’s opinion that the user has violated this Agreement and relevant rules, user’s violation of laws and regulations, etc.), and has the right to keep all the information of the user on the website (including but not limited to user information and activity information, etc.). At the same time, the website also has the right to stop providing all or part of the services at any time after notifying the users according to this agreement. After the termination of the service, the website has no obligation to forward any information that has not been read or sent to the user or a third party.

7.2 if the user applies to terminate the service of the website, the agreement with the website can be terminated only after the approval of the website. However, the website still reserves the following rights:

A. This website has the right to retain the user’s information within the time specified by laws, regulations and administrative rules, including but not limited to the previous user’s information, activity records, etc;

B. If the user commits any illegal act or violates this Agreement on the website before the termination of the service, the website may still exercise the rights specified in this agreement.

7.3 if the user has the following circumstances, the website can stop providing services to the user:

A. If the user violates this Agreement and relevant rules, the website has the right to terminate the service provided to the user. This website will inform users when the service is interrupted. However, if the user registers as a user of the website directly or indirectly or in the name of another person after the service is terminated by the website, the website has the right to unilaterally terminate the service for the user again;

B. If this website finds that the main content of the user’s registration information is false, it has the right to terminate the service provided to the user at any time;

C. When this agreement is terminated or renewed, the user does not confirm the new agreement;

D. Other circumstances that the website considers it necessary to terminate the service.

Article 8 Scope of responsibility of this website

When the user accepts the agreement, the user shall clearly understand and agree that:

8.1 this website cannot foresee any technical problems or other difficulties at any time. Such difficulties may lead to data loss or other service disruption. In order to deal with the service interruption, this website may switch the original exclusive communication channel (if any) to the normal shared channel, which is understood and accepted by users. Users have the right to make representations to this website due to service interruption or service channel switching.

8.2 the website shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, derivative or punitive damages (even if the website has been informed of the possibility of compensation in the preceding paragraph) for profit, goodwill, use, data loss or other intangible losses caused by the following reasons:

  1. Use or inability to use this website;
  2. Unauthorized access or alteration of user’s transmission or data;
  3. Any statement or action of any third party in this website;
  4. Other related matters of this website.

8.3 users should understand that this service is only provided according to its current situation. This service involves Internet and related communication services, which may be affected by unstable factors in various links. Therefore, the service has the risk of service interruption or failure to meet the user’s requirements caused by the above force majeure, computer virus or hacker attack, system instability, user’s location, user shutdown, communication network, Internet and other reasons. Users who open the service shall bear the above risks. This website shall not be responsible for the failure of users to send and receive reading messages, or the error of transmission, the time limit set by individuals, the failure to store or other problems. For the legality, authenticity and quality of the activities published by users, as well as the ability of users to perform, this website does not bear any guarantee responsibility.

8.4 this website provides links to other websites or resources on the Internet. Users may connect to websites operated by other operators, but it does not mean that this website has any relationship with these operators. The websites operated by other operators are the responsibility of each operator, which is not within the control and responsibility scope of this website. The website also does not guarantee or be responsible for any content, advertisement, article or other information existing in or derived from such websites or resources. The website shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss arising from the use of or reliance on any such website or resource or any content, article or service obtained through such website or resource.

8.5 for the information released by users using this service, this website has the right to filter the keywords of its communication information according to the relevant national laws and regulations. If it is found that the content sent by users clearly violates the relevant national laws and regulations, this website has the right to make actions including but not limited to dissuading, intercepting, and reporting to the relevant departments. This website also has the right to audit the application products and contents provided by users, including but not limited to content review, functional test, security test, etc. If it is found that the user’s application product does not comply with the national laws, regulations and policies, or the application product provided by the user may infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of others or contain advertising information to other third parties, or other circumstances that do not meet the requirements, this website has the right not to provide services to them For those who provide services, the website has the right to immediately stop providing services to them, keep relevant records and report to relevant competent departments. However, this Agreement shall not be regarded as the website’s legal guarantee for the application products provided by users. Users shall provide guarantee for the application products by themselves and bear all responsibilities arising therefrom.

8.6 the website operator attaches importance to the protection of user privacy, which is a basic policy of the website operator. The registration information you provide and some other personal data about you retained by the company that operates this website will be regulated by the privacy laws of China and the privacy protection statement of our company.

8.7 when you use the service provided by the website operator, the website operator has the right to use digital code, universal unique identifier, cookies or other technologies to determine the computer entering the service. The operator of this website may use the information obtained to conduct overall and anonymous data statistics and Analysis on the use of services, and the data obtained can be used by the operator of this website or its partners. Computer identification technology will also be used to enforce the relevant terms of service.

8.8 the operator of the website may cooperate with a third party to provide relevant services to users. If the third party is a legitimate company and provides the same user privacy protection (such as a telecom operator), the operator of the website has the right to provide the user’s registration information to the third party.

8.9 as required by law, if the operator of the website needs to provide relevant information of users to relevant government agencies such as public security organs, the website operator shall be exempted from relevant responsibilities according to law.

Article 9 Ownership and intellectual property rights

9.1 except for third-party products or services, all contents on this website, including but not limited to works, pictures, files, information, data, architecture, page design, source code, and its intellectual property rights, including but not limited to trademark rights, patent rights, copyright, trade secrets, etc., belong to this website. No one is allowed to use, modify, reverse engineer, copy, publicly disseminate, change, distribute, distribute or publicly publish the program or content on this website without the written consent of this website.

9.2 the materials and information (such as text, chart, logo, button icon, image, sound file segment, digital download, data editing and software) published on this website are the property of this website or its content providers and are protected by Chinese and international copyright laws. The compilation of all contents on this website is the exclusive property of this website and is protected by Chinese and international copyright laws. All software on this website is the property of this website or its affiliated companies or its software suppliers, and is protected by Chinese and international copyright laws.

9.3 unless otherwise required by law, without the specific written permission of this website, any unit or individual shall not illegally copy, reprint, quote, link, capture or use the information content of this website in any way, or this website has the right to investigate its legal responsibility.

Article 10 Limitation of liability and uncommitted guarantee

10.1 unless otherwise specified in writing, this website and all information, contents, materials, products (including software) and services contained in or otherwise provided to users through this website are provided on the basis of “as is” and “as is”.

10.2 unless otherwise expressly stated in writing, no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, shall be made (except as otherwise provided by the laws of the people’s Republic of China) on the operation of the website and the information, content, materials, products (including software) or services contained therein.

10.3 we do not guarantee that all information, contents, materials, products (including software) and services contained in this website or otherwise provided to users or information receivers through this website, its servers or e-mail and information sent from this website are free from false, virus or other harmful elements.

10.4 if the sales system of the website collapses or cannot be used normally due to force majeure or other reasons beyond the control of the website, resulting in the online transaction unable to be completed or the loss of relevant information and records, the website will reasonably try its best to help deal with the aftermath.

Article 11 Integrity of the agreement and user’s duty of care

This website requires users to read this Agreement and the announcement of this website before using this service. If any provision of this agreement is deemed to be void, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, such provision shall be deemed to be divisible and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other provision.

Article 12 Jurisdiction and application of law

The formation, execution and interpretation of this Agreement and the settlement of disputes shall be governed by the effective laws applicable in the Telecommunications Administration Law of the France. In case of any conflict between this Agreement and the applicable law, these Provisions shall be interpreted in full accordance with the law, and other effective provisions shall remain in force. In case of any dispute between the parties on the content of this agreement or its implementation, both parties shall try their best to settle it through friendly negotiation; if the negotiation fails, the user agrees to submit the dispute to the court of the district where the website operator is located for litigation.

Article 13 Representations and notices

13.1 the user has the right to appeal according to the corresponding procedures in the process of using the website and trading relationship. When users make representations to this website through the complaint procedure, they should provide their identity certificate and relevant data or information according to the requirements of this website, so that this website can verify. The user should fully understand that the user’s appeal is not necessarily allowed. The website has the right to decide whether to agree to the user’s appeal or not according to its own judgment. 13.2 the user understands and agrees that the website can send the notice to the user through webpage announcement, system announcement, on-site letter, e-mail, SMS or conventional letter transmission according to its own judgment, and the website can trust that the contact information provided by the user is complete, accurate and currently valid; the above notice is deemed to have been delivered to the recipient on the date of sending. Unless otherwise specified in the terms of service or the agreement signed by the website and the user, the notice sent by the user to the website party shall be delivered through the contact information such as the communication address, fax number, e-mail address officially announced by the website.

Article 14 others

14.1 the owner of the website refers to Shenzhen Sihailan Telecom Co, Ltd., the business entity of the website licensed or filed by government departments according to Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. 14.2 this website respects the legitimate rights of users and consumers. This Agreement and all kinds of rules, statements and other contents published on this website are for better and more convenient services for users and consumers. Users and all sectors of the society are welcome to put forward opinions and suggestions on this website. This website will humbly accept and timely modify this Agreement and various rules on this website. 14.3 if the user clicks the “agree” button at the bottom of this agreement, it will be deemed that the user has fully accepted this agreement. Before clicking, please confirm that the user has known and fully understood all contents of this agreement. 14.4 the website has the final right to interpret the service agreement, including the rules based on the service agreement, to the maximum extent permitted by law.

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