V1.6.0-Master Email Magic, Unlock Efficiency with Ease!

V1.6.0-Master Email Magic, Unlock Efficiency with Ease!

Email Dedicated Sending and Email Flow are now synchronized, comprehensively optimizing your marketing process!

Welcome the new features! Plexins has once again upgraded its functionality. This upgrade comprehensively optimizes users' email marketing experience, making your email marketing performance even more powerful!

Firstly, Reach the mailbox and bypass spam - the new feature of Email Dedicated Sending improves your email delivery rate.

Plexins' email marketing now incorporates DMARC to verify the sender's email address. DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) is a mail authentication mechanism that can help you avoid domain abuse to ensure your emails are not treated as spam and improve your email delivery rate. Plexins will verify through DMARC to ensure that your email can be accurately sent to the recipient's inbox.

Click here to see specific tutorial explanations:https://www.plexins.com/Email-campaigns/63.html

Secondly, email marketing fully automated - Email Flow makes your marketing activities more streamlined. Following the automation process of SMS marketing, Plexins has now completed the integration of email and Flow. A time-saving and effortless new marketing option, bid farewell to repetitive operations, and Email Flow once again raises the efficiency of shop operations to new heights.

Clicking on the Flow page, you will see that the page design has been changed. The operation process for creating a new task will be the same as SMS marketing. In the template options, some templates can be used for both SMS and email.

In addition, Plexins has made adjustments to the "My Templates" section in the email template.
Email templates no longer need to enter the "Create New Campaign" process to view or edit, and the section has been moved to the page separately, where users can directly view and edit templates and save them to "My Templates".

These are the updated sections. If you have any questions, please contact our team at hello@plexins.com, and we will respond to you promptly.