30+ Best SMS Templates to Help Boost Your Sales

30+ Best SMS Templates to Help Boost Your Sales

Most Shopify sellers, when conducting store marketing, prepare SMS templates in advance to maximize the potential of SMS marketing. Since SMS templates are highly versatile and only require adjustments for the recipient and other details, they not only save time and effort for sellers but also avoid feeling drained of ideas.

However, there are still many businesses that misunderstand SMS marketing, believing it to be a waste of time and money and not worth investing effort into. But that's not the case, as the return on investment for SMS marketing makes it a crucial element of your marketing strategy.

Due to various reasons, SMS marketing is currently the most popular marketing method among Shopify sellers. Before receiving marketing messages through SMS, customers need to fill out a form for registration, making it an opt-in process, ensuring that users are interested in your products and have a willingness to purchase.

Another reason SMS marketing is popular is its immediacy; it can establish direct contact with the audience. According to industry reports, SMS has an average open rate of 99% and an average click-through rate of 36%. The reply rate for SMS is 45%. It is evident that compared to email, you can get more responses from SMS marketing.

This is why SMS marketing is becoming increasingly popular. However, to fully harness the potential of SMS marketing, you must follow some rules in the content of your messages.

One of the reasons people are willing to check SMS is because of its simplicity. With a character limit of 160, you need to capture your target audience's attention from the beginning and convey your message clearly.

Here are some tips for effective SMS marketing:
● Always provide options for your customers to opt-in and opt-out in the SMS content.
● Include your brand name in the SMS to help recipients recognize you quickly.
● Progress your marketing step by step and avoid sending promotional messages to users right from the start.
● If you are sending global SMS, enable automated sending to skip disturbing hours and deliver messages to your users at the right time.

This article will provide you with some SMS templates that can help increase your sales based on different objectives in SMS marketing scenarios, along with the considerations you need to keep in mind. We hope they can be beneficial to your SMS marketing efforts.

Welcome SMS Template

When a user completes the store registration, you can send them a welcome SMS to leave a positive and friendly first impression. Always remember to start your SMS with your brand name and keep it concise. You can also include some special offers to welcome the recipient and encourage their first purchase. See the example below:

Below are some templates you can use for the welcome SMS:

Template 1:
{StoreName }: Welcome to the {StoreName} VIP family! So glad you're here. Use code {DiscountCode} for {DiscountValue} off your order - code automatically applied with this link {DiscountUrl} {STOP to opt out}.

Template 2:
{StoreName}: Hello, {FirstName}, Thanks for registering for the {StoreName} text VIP club. Your {DiscountCode} for {DiscountValue} off is ready. Good for all purchases on our site {StoreUrl}{STOP to opt out}.

Template 3:
{StoreName}: Hello, {FirstName}, Here’s a 10% discount off your first order to celebrate you joining us. {DiscountURL}{STOP to opt out}.

Template 4:
{StoreName}: Hi there, welcome to join our big VIP family! We prepare a special gift to celebrate your join! You can click here get your oder discount {DiscountCode}. Shop now for your favorite products!{StoreUrl}{STOP to opt out}

Template 5:
Dear {FirstName}. Thank you for joining our community! This is where you can find your dream product in {Product URL}. Use {DiscountCode} to get 15% off your first purchase. Contact us with any questions. Happy shopping!{STOP to opt out}

Thank You SMS Template

A thank you SMS is used to express gratitude to customers for recent purchases or interactions. You can take this opportunity to reward customers and encourage them to continue making repeat purchases. The content of the thank you SMS should include the customer's name to add a personal touch and mention what you are thankful for. See the example below:

Here are some templates you can use for the thank you SMS:

Template 1:
{StoreName}: Hi, thank you for your order! Trust us you will love it. We have prepared a discount coupon {DiscountURL} for you, which is applicable to all products in the store, and you can use it to buy other favorite products.{STOP to opt out}.

Template 2:
{StoreName}: Hey, {FirstName}. Congratulations, you have successfully unlocked your first order in our store. As a thank you, we have prepared a reward for you: {DiscountCode}, which you can use in your next order.{STOP to opt out}.

Template 3:
{StoreName}: {FirstName}, We are very honored and grateful for your order, which is your recognition of us. Here is a discount for your next order, you can have a discounted price on your next purchase, click here to get it: {DiscountCode}{STOP to opt out}.

Template 4:
{StoreName}: We meet again! Thank you for your recognition of us again. We will launch some new great products in the future. You can continue to pay attention to us.{STOP to opt out}.

Template 5:
{StoreName}: Hi, We just want to send you a thank you message, thank you for your support, we will continue to satisfy you.{STOP to opt out}.

Abandoned Cart Reminder Template

Abandoned carts are a common challenge for all businesses, leading to a high sales loss. However, by using abandoned cart reminder SMS, you can effectively address this issue and remind customers to complete their purchase in a timely manner. To attract customers to return to the website and complete the purchase, your SMS template should include:

● A friendly reminder
● Cart link
● Coupon
● A compelling call-to-action (CTA)

See the example below:

Here are some templates you can use for abandoned cart reminders:

Template 1:
{StoreName}: Hey, {FirstName}. Your items was left in the shopping cart🛒. Don't forget it: {AbandonedCheckoutUrl} {STOP to opt out}.

Template 2:
{StoreName}: Hello, {FirstName}. Did you leave something behind? It's your carefully chosen item that hasn't paid yet. Completing the checkout as soon as possible allows it to reach you as quickly as possible: {AbandonedCheckoutUrl} {STOP to opt out}.

Template 3:
{StoreName}: Hey, {FirstName}. We noticed that you haven't complet your order. Please complete the payment as soon as possible if you like it. Good goods are not waiting for anyone: {AbandonedCheckoutUrl} {STOP to opt out}.

Template 4:
{StoreName}:You don't want to regret missing it, right? Take it home before the offer expires:{Discount URL}{STOP to opt out}.

Template 5:
{StoreName}: Hello, {FirstName},We noticed you left something behind. We're holding onto your cart for now, but hurry, items sell out quickly! {Abandonedcheckouturl } {STOP to opt out}.

Order Confirmation SMS Template

When customers complete their payment, don't forget to send them an SMS to confirm their order and let them know the status of their order. The order confirmation SMS should include the following information:

● Order number
● Product name
● Shipping date

See the example below:

Here are some templates you can use for order confirmation SMS:

Template 1:
{SiteName}: Hi, {FirstName}. Your order in our store: {OrderID} has been shipped successfully. Your item is now on its way, You will receive it in a few days. {STOP to opt out}

Template 2:
{SiteName}: Hey, I know you can't wait to receive the item, don't worry, your order: {OrderID} has been successfully shipped, please be patient for a few days. {STOP to opt out}

Template 3:
{SiteName}: {FirstName}, Your order which number is {OrderID} has been shipped successfully. I believe it will be delivered to you in a few days. Please wait patiently.{STOP to opt out}

Template 4:
{StoreName}: Hi, {FirstName}, we have already started your order, thank you for purchasing again, we can persist until now because of your support, thank you again.{STOP to opt out}

Template 5:
{StoreName}: Hi {FirstName},The order {OrderName}, containing {OrderltemsCount} items for a total of {Totalprice} is marked as paid.{STOP to opt out}

Promotional SMS Template

Promotional SMS is one of the most commonly used scenarios for SMS marketing. You can host various promotional events to attract customers to shop at your store. You can use SMS to send special offers for promotions, such as:

● Exclusive discounts
● Stock clearance
● Holiday or seasonal promotions
● Large-scale online shopping promotions

See the example below:

Here are some templates you can use for promotional SMS:

Template 1:
{StoreName}: Our best-selling product is almost gone! Its benefits have everyone talking, enjoy the {DiscountValue} off. Snag it before it's gone: {StoreUrl} {STOP to opt out}

Template 2:
{StoreName}: We got you a little something: We're giving you {DiscountValue} with any purchase of our product! Just use code {DiscountCode} at checkout :) Shop now: {StoreUrl} {STOP to opt out}

Template 3:
{StoreName}: What's better than one PRODUCT? Two PRODUCS! And today, we're giving you Buy One, Get One {DiscountCode} off all PRODUCT! Shop the sale here: {StoreUrl} {STOP to opt out}

Template 4:
{StoreName}: Hey, we think you deserve a treat. Treat yourself to {DiscountValue} off all things, today only! Shop before it's gone:{StoreUrl} {STOP to opt out}

Template 5:
{StoreName}: hello {FirstName}, Today only-free shipping with every purchase! Shop our special deals in the next 24 hours and get your order with no extra charges: {StoreUrl} {STOP to opt out}

Product Launch SMS Template

The high open rate of SMS marketing makes it the optimal choice for new product announcements. This helps you spread the word about new products and gain exposure. You need to start the SMS by telling users "We have a new product release!" to grab their attention. See the example below:

Here are some templates you can use for new product announcements:

Template 1:
{StoreName}: Hi {FirstName}, long time no see! We recently launched new spring clothes! Click here {DiscountCode} to enjoy a discount, come and pick it up! {stop opting out}

Template 2:
{StoreName}: Hey {FirstName}, Spring is coming! Get the best prices on {StoreUrl} for new spring clothes! {stop opting out}

Template 3:
Hello {FirstName}, we've just dropped our new collection! Check it out at {StoreUrl} and use code {DiscountCode} for {Discount} off your purchase. Don't miss out!

Template 4:
{StoreName}: Hot new items coming in! {FirstName}, be the first to browse through our latest collection: {StoreUrl} {STOP to opt out}

Template 5:
{StoreName}: Our new arrivals are here and we guarantee - you'll LOVE them! Grab yours now: {StoreUrl} {STOP to opt out}

Holiday Event SMS Template

People are always excited and looking forward to holiday marketing events, and these events often have a sense of time sensitivity. This is where the instant delivery feature of SMS becomes the ideal choice for sending marketing events. See the example below:

Here are some templates you can use for holiday marketing events:

Template 1: Independence Day
{StoreName}: Happy Independence Day! To celebrate this special occasion, we're launching our Independence Day Mega Sale! {StoreUrl} Enjoy an extra 5% discount {DiscountValue} on all items! Hurry and visit our store to take advantage of this exclusive offer! Offer valid only on Independence Day.{STOP to opt out}

Template 2: Thanksgiving
{StoreName}: Hey {FirstName}! Thanksgiving day might be different this year, but you can still enjoy a slap-up feast. Treat yourself to {DiscountValue} off all things, today only! Shop before it's gone:{StoreUrl} {STOP to opt out}

Template 3: Halloween
{StoreName}: Hi, {FirstName}. Halloween Day is coming! Click here {DiscountCode} to get our special discount for Halloween Day! {stop opting out}

Template 4: Christmas
{StoreName}: Hey, {FirstName}, here you go. Christmas's Day is coming! We've selected a variety of gift styles for you, take a look at {StoreUrl}. {stop opting out}

Template 5: Mother's Day
{StoreName}: Mother. Mom. Mama. No matter what you call her, you've the perfect Mother's Day gift with {StoreUrl}!️️ Take X% off today, when you shop for mom. Just use code: {DiscountCode}. Find your present {StoreUrl} {STOP to opt out}

With these rich and diverse SMS templates, I believe your SMS marketing can achieve excellent results. You only need to customize certain parts of these templates as needed.

Having an excellent SMS marketing tool will greatly improve the efficiency of your marketing campaigns. Plexins not only provides you with a massive collection of SMS templates but also offers automated SMS sending based on triggers you set. Give it a try!